Iran Nature Trekking


Nature Trekking Tour - 21 Days, 20 Nights

Trip Overview:

Iran is truly one of the worlds beautiful countries, not just in nature but in its culture and variety of ethnic groups inhabiting it. Compared to trekking in other countries in the region, Iran offers better serviced trekking routes making trekking easy and comfortable. Trekking in Iran has captured the imaginations of mountaineers and explorers for more than 1000 years. The lifestyle and habits of the inhabitants of the mountain regions has not changed for generations, the village people offer a huge sense of hospitability and welcome trekkers and mountaineers alike. Of course Iran also offers one of the highest mountains in the region. Mountains like Alborz and Zagros are major attractions for trekkers coming to Iran. Trekking in Iran gives you the chance to walk amongst these giants where you truly will be exhilarated.


Tour Itinerary:

Day 1 Arrival
Pre reserve
Day 2 Tabriz

Morning arrival Tabriz, meet the Guide and transfer to the Hotel. after that drive to Jolfa Border, to visit two of the best churches in iran. Saint Stepanos Monastery and St. Thaddeus Monastery. The Saint Thaddeus Monastery is an ancient Armenian monastery located in the mountainous area of Iran's West Azerbaijan Province, about 20 kilometers from the town of Maku. The monastery is visible from a distance because of the massiveness of the church, strongly characterized by the polygonal drums and conical roofs of its two domes. O/N in Tabriz

Day 3 Tabriz - Kaleybar

After cozy breakfast continues the tour by driving towards Arasbaran Forest. The declaration by UNESCO of Arasbaran as a UNESCO Biosphere reserve in 1976 was a great endorsement for the region’s ecotourism potential. The planned promotion of the Biosphere to the National Park status may farther enhance Arasbaran’s environmental significance. Arasbaran is home to 215 species of birds, notably the Caucasian black grouse, grey partridge, black francolin, and common pheasant, 29 species of reptiles, 48 species of mammals, notably wild goat, wild boar, brown bear, wolf, lynx, and leopard, and 17 species of fish. Then go to Kaleybar Village, O/N in Kaleybar

Day 4 Kaleybar

After breakfast, start our dayily tour by trekking in Forest, Visiting Babak Castel. Set attractively in a wide, steep-sided mountain valley, unassuming Kaleybar town makes a great starting point for random hikes and visiting nomad camps en route to the upper Aras River Valley. But by far its biggest draw is the extensive crag-top ruin of Babak Castle. It's a national symbol of Iran high up in the the Arasbaran forest near Kaleybar City. It was also one of the last regional strongholds to fall to Arab invaders in the 9th Century. O/N in Kaleybar

Day 5 Kaleybar - Sareyn

Drive to Sareyn through Ahar. Sareyn, is a city and the capital of Sareyn County, in Ardabil Province, Iran. Sareyn is known for its hot springs. The population is about 8000, and increases to more than 20000 in the summer because of the many tourists who go there due to the charming climate. The Sareyn springs are near an inactive volcano in mount Sabalan and its water contains sulphur particles and it is believed that it is good for bone and joints pains.The word Sareyn in the Persian dictionary means "Spring´s Outlet”. The climate and hot springs are the first attractions to tourists who travel to this region from different parts of Iran and the world. Sareyn is also famous for its ´Ashe Doogh´ (Yogurt Soups), during the busy summer periods, it is not uncommon for many of the local shops to be seen selling and preparing this soup. O/N in Sareyn.

Day 6 Sareyn - MeshkinShahr

After breakfast. Drive to Ardebil, in Ardabil visiting Sheikh Safi-ad-Din Ardabili Temple. Khangah is a spiritual retreat in the Sufi order. This UNESCO site is a complex consisting of several sections with different functions: a mosque, mausoleum, a library, a school, a hospital, a cistern, kitchens, a bakery, and some offices. Iranians refer to it all as "Sheikh Safi Shrine in Ardabil”. In addition to its historical significance, the site is of high value in Iranian architecture. Also, from Islamic architecture point of view, it’s a landmark of Safavid era. Continue through MeshkinShahr. O/N in camp in zone of Sabalan Mountain.

Day 7 MeshkinShahr - Sabalan Mountain

In this day , have trekking around Hillside of Sabalan Montain. Mount Sabalan, the third highest mountain in Iran, 4811- meter, an inactive stratovolcano in the northeast of Alborz mountain range and Ardabil Province of northwestern Iran. Sabalan Lake, near 12,000 sq.m, at the top of the mountain almost covered with snow through the year, but from May to July, it melts and creates a beautiful scenery. O/N in Tent

Day 8 Sabalan Mountain - Masuleh

In the Morning go towards Masuleh Village, via beautiful road of Khalkhal, the clients may have trekking in Khalkhal-Asalom Road if the time allows. Arrival Masuleh Village. Built right into the slope of an Iranian mountain, the small town of Masuleh has a unique, purpose-built architectural style where the front yard of each of the houses on the incline is actually the roof of the house below it, with roof-lawns trickling down to the base of the mountain. The landscape surrounding Masuleh is lush and mountainous with a frequent covering of dense fog, so much so that many of the homes in the town are covered in bright yellow clay so they can be seen better through the haze. O/N in Masuleh

Day 9 Masuleh - Bandar-e Anzali

In the morning drive to Masal Village, arrival and have trekking in Forest and Tea Plantations, then continue forward Bandar Anzali and visit Lagoon of Anzali. Anzali lagoon, which has been registered in Ramsar International Convention, is considered as an important tourist attraction and destination for the birdwatchers. Anzali lagoon is located in Gilan Province in the north of Iran. Having great weather and being the greenest province in Iran, Gilan attracts a huge number of tourists every year. This natural freshwater lagoon, which is recognized as an important bird habitat in the world, hosts about one hundred species of birds like swans, herons, ducks, etc. A variety of species of fish like the Caspian White Fish, Anchovy, and the Common Carp live and spawn in this lagoon as well. Water lilies that grow in summer are another fabulous beauty of Anzali lagoon. Pink water lilies with their green heart-shaped leaves cover the lake and make a magnificent view. O/N in Bandar Anzali.

Day 10 Bandar-e Anzali - Alamut

In the morning drive forward Alamout Castel Via Tonekabon and Garmarod. Alamut Castle was originally built in the ninth century at an elevation over 6,800 feet. It was constructed in such a way that it only had one passable entrance that wound its way around the cliff, making the fortress difficult to conquer. But in 1090 A.D., a man named Hassan-i Sabbah was able to do just that. O/N in Tent near Alamout Castel.

Day 11 Alamut - Hamedan