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  Women Tour - 15 Days, 14 Nights

Trip Overview:

A unique Women's Only Tour where we will explore the cultural nuances of Iran. We will experience the dichotomy of a land that once was the centre of learning and civilization to the modern metropolis it has now become. We also learn about the pivotal role women have played in history, their role in present-day society and the important role they play in the family environment. An artistically tailored tour, we will come back with a better understanding, appreciation and respect for this beautiful region , ....

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1 Arrival
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Day 2 Tabriz
Arrival in Tabriz, the capital of the province of East Azarbaijan, in the early morning. Transfer to the hotel and move into the room, after a late breakfast. At noon you visit the famous Blue Mosque with its bright blue tiles on the portal, which gave its name to the building. After a stroll through the Bazaar it comes in the Azarbaijan Museum with its archaeological and ethnological exhibits. O/N in Tabriz
Day 3 Tabriz
The day begins with a drive to 55 km south from Tabriz located rocked Village Kandovan which clings to a ridge of Sahand. The partially interconnected by stairs dwellings of the large rural population are beaten into soft tuff cone the mountainside since time immemorial. Return in the afternoon to Tabriz, where a meeting with women of the Azari-national community, one of the three largest ethnic minority in Iran. Finally, you can relax with a tea break in El-Goli Park, which is a popular destination for the locals, not least because of its architecturally attractive pavilions. O/N in Tabriz
Day 4 Tabriz - Rasht
After breakfast continue to Rasht and on the way visit Ardabil , one of the most historically important cities of western and eastern azarbaijans interrupted. Here you will visit the oldest monastery of the Sufi Order and, amidst a widespread landscape, the tomb of its founder Sheikh Safi, on whose descendants back to over 200 years in Persia ruling royal dynasty of the Safavids. O/N in Rasht
Day 5 Rasht

From Rasht it goes on that day to the 61 km distant Village Masuleh whose traditional adobe architecture She seems to move in time. The multi-storey houses, most of which are accessible by the roofs of including built buildings were constructed in superimposed terraces directly into the northern flank of the Alborz mountain range. There you can close to know the daily life of the villagers. In the afternoon .you will experience when we visit some rice fields and the meeting with women rice farmers learn about the cultivation of this important foodstuff. Then go back to Rasht.O/N in Rasht

Day 6 Rasht

In the morning first is the - 40kilometer trip to Bandar-e Anzali, a major Iranian seaport on the Caspian Sea. There you visit a caviar production Farm. Afterwards, enjoy a boat ride on the Mordab-e Anzali, a lying 20 m above sea freshwater lagoon. The tour continues, 80 km away Lahijan, a center of Iranian tea cultivation, where you meet with tea pickers and talk about the everyday life of these women. Return to Rasht. O/N in Rasht

Day 7 Rasht - Tehran
On this day you make the trip to Tehran initially a stop at 175km from Rasht remote Qazvin. There you visit the Shazdeh Hossein mausoleum, a Shiite shrine, and take a tour of the city that was the seat of government of the Safavid Empire in the 16th century. Continue to the modern metropolis Tehran . O/N in Tehran
Day 8 Tehran
Your eighth day in Iran is dedicated to the historic Teheran. You will learn the history of the country at the National Museum to know, enjoy the jewel museum to display there jewels and the crown jewels of the Persian Shahs and admire the architectural and decorative art in Golestan Palace, the qajar seat of government from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. In the evening, a meeting with modern Iranian women, such as a theater actress, provided. O/N in Tehran
Day 9 Tehran
To meet the modern Tehran, Start off with the Tehran metro, and then stroll through the shopping on Vali-e Asr. After a break in a modern café, it is the new landmark of Tehran, the television tower Milad Tower which is the tallest building of Iran with its 435 meters. After taking the elevator ride in the -12storey tower basket, which has the world`s largest surface. In the afternoon you can meet a carpet designer. O/N in Tehran
Day 10 Tehran - Kashan
The ride on this day it leads first to 156 km from Tehran remote Qom, an important religious center of the country. Here you will meet with students and lecturers the School of Theology. From Qom it goes 105 km further to the southeast in the oasis city of Kashan, where you will visit both the Boroujerdi House, which made the wealthy merchant Hadji Mehdi Boroujerdi for his bride built as a wedding gift, and the Manoucheri-House, a former merchant`s house, restored in the traditional style and converted into a hotel. Depending on the time of day, a stroll through the Bazaar in seljuki time incurred, architecturally charming connects. O/N in Kashan
Day 11 Kashan - Isfahan

After breakfast continue our tour by visiting Fin Garden. one of the nice attraction in iran. The water found in the garden originates in the aquifers of the Karkas mountains to the south, and is carried by an underground aquaduct called a qanat to a reservoir about 1.5 kilometers from the garden. then continue to Isfahan.O/N in Isfahan

Day 12 Isfahan

The day begins with an intensive tour of the buildings around the Meidan-e Imam ( historical name «Naqsh-e Jahan»), the center of Safavid Isfahan metropolis. They will also visit the location at the southern end of the square Imam Mosque as located on the eastern long side Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and the Ali Qapu- palace opposite, which once served as access to the private palaces of the Safavid royal families. After that is arranged for a meeting with artists from Isfahan. O/N in Isfahan

Day 13 Isfahan
You will be enchanted in the morning from the built amidst a beautiful park Chehel Sotun Palace with its 20 columns which are reflected in the water basin in front of it and so the palace gave the name «-40column palace». Then you will visit the Traditional Bazaar, and make a miniature painter. In the afternoon you can stroll into the Armenian Quarter Jolfa and visit the Vank Cathedral. O/N in Isfahan
Day 14 Isfahan - Shiraz
The 483 km long route from Isfahan to Shiraz, the last stop of the journey is interrupted by a visit to the Achaemenid royal capital Pasargadae. Here is also the grave of Cyrus II., Who founded the dynasty of Achaemenids. In the early evening you reach Shiraz, the city of roses, poets and nightingales. O/N in Shiraz
Day 15 Shiraz

During a trip in the morning to learn the vast Achaemenid royal capital Persepolis with its palaces, residential areas and administrative know. From there it is not far to the Naqsh-e Rostam, the royal necropolis with its rock tombs. Back in Shiraz, visit the Hafez mausoleum in a beautiful garden and the Nasir ol Molk Mosque. This is followed by a meeting with a local doctor. At the farewell dinner a ride includes past the illuminated Shah Cheragh mausoleum. O/N in Shiraz

Day 16 Departure

End of the program, Transfer to the airport and flight back home.

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